Auditory Hallucinations

Steven Conklin's Auditory Hallucinations album

Steven kicked up 2016 with "Auditory Hallucinations", his latest offering. It's raw and slightly more accessible, features seven all new instrumental tracks. Of course this is still a Steven Conklin album and there's the expected elements of humor and odd time signatures (Chisel Chins Entrance Music and Naptime), to video games (Luminous) and just plain odd (Is This Broken?).
As always, Steven played all the instruments and handled all the production and mixing duties.

1. Luminous 3:03
2. Bad Capacitor 3:13
3. Squeezy Wheezie 3:08
4. Naptime 2:50
5. Chisel Chin's Entrance Music 1:09
6. Neurosis Psychosis 4:06
7. Is This Broken?

Produced, engineered and mixed by Steven Conklin
Release Date: 7-12-2016
Copyright2016 By Steven Conklin (BMI)

Who's Gonna Have My Head? - single

Steven Conklin's Who's Gonna Have My Head? single

Whos' Gonna Have My Head was heavily inspired by one of Steven's favorite video games: Assassins Creed.

1. Who's Gonna Have My Head? 2:53

Produced, engineered and mixed by Steven Conklin
Release Date: 6-3-2013
Copyright2013 By Steven Conklin (BMI)

Not What I'm Known For

Steven Conklin's Not What I'm Known For album

Steven's official debut instrumental album. Recorded at home and with a very small budget this is also Steven's 1st recording
that wasn't recorded using all analog tape. With this album Steven entered the DAW age.

1. 3 Minutes In Jerkville 2:56
2. Anyone Out There? 3:09
3. Get The Gift 1:54
4. So You Don't Like Me Anymore 3:44
5. My Inner Child 2:51
6. Firelight 3:40
7. Hypnotize 2:59
8. Oh, That's Attractive 3:48
9. A Bit Concussed 2:46
10. Arena Of Confusion 4:44
11. Pagan Dance 6:48

Release Date: 2005/2006, "official CD" release: 12-30-2006 Produced by Steven Conklin
Mixed By Michael Derochick and Steven Conklin
Copyright2005 By Steven Conklin (BMI)